A html plugin that adds div tag to the any view of the content&form or search&list types. Depending on the chosen type it adds:

  • Start - opening tag
  • End - closing tag
  • In between - closing and opening - closes previos div and opens new one
  • Both - opening and closing tag - it adds empty div with specified class, e.g. to be used as javascript target or to clear a float (add class clear from seblod css or clearfix if you use bootstrap)

This plugin is very useful, especially with modern css frameworks (like boostrap 2 or 3 - used on screenshot bellow ) where you can quickly create layouts with few divs and appropriate classes.

Example layout in article backend form editor:

And resulting layout

Side note: The "both" mode introduced in SEBLOD 3.8.2 allows us to deprecate and remove the "Div Clear" plug-in from the Store. You should replace it using the info above.

Note: this extension is included in SEBLOD Core packages