Make sure you read the app Quick Start Guide before starting. If you don't have this application yet, download it here.

The Sitemap app displays your Joomla menu items in an HTML or XML format. Only Joomla menu items will be shown.

Listing a new menu in your sitemap

The Sitemaps (HTML and XML) are created by querying the #__menu table of your database and retrieving the menu items using a free SQL search query field. The HTML sitemap and the XML sitemap have different query fields, which can be found in the Search Form View of each.

By default, the Sitemap Search & List types will query the database and retrieve the menu items of the mainmenu default Joomla mainmenu. However, if you edit the SQL query field you can add your own custom menus. 

To do this, 

  1. click on the field edit icon, 
  2. and then change the syntax of the line "AND menutype IN ("mainmenu")" to include your new menus, using the form "AND menutype IN ("mainmenu","secondarymenu","tertiarymenu")". The actual names for "secondarymenu" and "tertiarymenu" can be found in the Joomla Menu Manager under the name of the menu, next to Menu Type

Please note that the XML sitemap and the HTML sitemap have different SQL query fields, and so you must make changes twice if you want them to take effect on both sitemaps.

Submitting an XML Sitemap to Google

If you want to submit your XML formatted sitemap to Google for indexing, you must copy the contents of the XML Search & List, create a new text file, paste the contents, and then save it as something like "sitemap.xml". You can then upload this file to the root public_html directory of your site, and submit the URL to Google.